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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Review - Angel's Master by Sandra Sookoo

Title: Angel's Master

Author: Sandra Sookoo

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

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Reviewed by: Brynna

Rating: You Need to Read

The year is 1822 and life on the high seas just became more complicated for Ethan Williams. He’s a pirate with a conscience, and even though killing and plundering are his way of life, he’s searching for much more—and he’s tired of being alone.

Jacqueline Massey is connected with the American Navy. It’s her job to trick men into revealing they are indeed pirates. The guilt she feels about sending them to their doom is equaled only by her longing to be loved. But Jacqueline has a secret—one that has intertwined her fate with Ethan’s for longer than he’s known.

Can destiny bring together a pirate and an angel during the season of miracles, or will a watery death by Davy Jones locker drown their love?

Jacqueline Massey isn't your average barmaid. Repulsed by the idea of marrying her father's choice of suitor, she turns spy for the United States Navy. Her mission? Reveal the identity of pirates who cross her path, until one man changes everything.

I love a good swashbuckling tale and Angel's Master doesn't dissapoint. Ethan is deliciously devilish, and while not always heroic, definitely the tortured soul who doesn't know he needs saving. Jacqueline isn't your fainting flower of days gone by, but a take charge type of woman unwilling to be ruled by society's demands. I loved the contradictions in these characters and how they reacted both to and in the world Ms. Sookoo created for them. Another one to enjoy and definitely one you need to read.

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