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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Review - Cup of Joe by Teri Wilson

Title: Cup of Joe

Author: Teri Wilson

Publisher: White Rose Publishing

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Rating: You GOTTA Read

Reviewed by MarthaE

Goldie thinks she's prepared for the death of her doting Grandpa who's raised her since childhood. But after his passing, she finds herself curled up on the sofa watching television, feet clad in fuzzy slippers. She knows God has a new plan for her life, but she's simply too tired to figure out what it is. To make matters worse, sweet, shy coffee shop owner, Joe Montgomery, keeps showing up on her doorstep with morning coffee. When she tells him emphatically that she doesn't like coffee—never has and never will—he shows up with a dog instead! As she takes steps to start a new life, with her new puppy scampering playfully at her side, Goldie begins to realize a cup of Joe just might be what she's needed all along.

This is an inspirational and charming romance and a special treat for dog lovers and coffee lovers.

Tereas “Goldie” is a sweet young lady but she has sunk into a depression after the death of her beloved Grandpa. She initially turns away from everyone. Then when she tries to attend the Care Group Bible study she used to go to with her Grandpa, her older neighbor Peggy says she doesn’t fit in. Goldie runs into trouble too when her good friend Eve tryies to fix her up with the bachelors at church. Goldie has to struggle her way back to God with the help of these good friends and her new friend, Joe.

Joe, the owner of Joe’s Coffee Shop, was close friends with Goldie’s Grandpa and always brought him coffee. Now he is bringing coffee to Goldie and trying to give her comfort. He is surprised to learn she doesn’t like coffee but he learns that she does like his dog. Joe decides to charm her with specially flavored coffees and a sweet puppy.

Joe manages to spend time with Goldie by walking the dogs together and then taking the dogs to obedience, rally class and competition. Meanwhile Joe gently courts Goldie. Joe also shows Christian love and lifestyle to his employee, Cinnamon.

Goldie is a real to life character with a full range of emotions, from grief to joy. Joe is a wonderfully compassionate and gentle hero. The dogs, Java and Bliss, add an extra fun element to the sweet romance. The dialogue is filled with smart one-liners that have you chuckling. The spiritual lessons are blended in through natural, real life situations. Ms. Wilson pulls together all the elements to make this a delightful, heartwarming, inspirational read. I look forward to reading more books by this author.

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