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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Review - Journey Around a Darker Sun by Simon Lowrie

Title: Journey Around a Darker Sun

Author: Simon Lowrie

Publisher: eXcessica

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Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

Claire has the world round her little finger – she's young, gorgeous, sociable and fun. She's not short of admirers, and in Tristan she has a fanboy who only lives to serve her. From doing her shopping to massaging her thighs, Claire is glad to have him as her sweet, domesticated pet.

Then Claire meets Paul, the best-looking, most powerful and enigmatic man she's ever known, and feels as awestruck in his presence as Tristan does in hers. But Claire is about to learn the dark side of Paul's love, which involves strict rules and even stricter punishment. And when her ass feels the first imperious smack of his hand, it's only the beginning of her education in submission.

The first thing I noticed about this story, is that there is a lot of it that makes no sense. I had to read the opening paragraph three times before I understood what it was saying, and even then it was vague and devoid of anything concrete. Also throughout, there are paragraphs written in this poetic style that, while beautiful, has no baring on the story.

Furthermore, it wanders. There was one scene where they spent twenty pages talking about clothes. Alternatively, the date all the preparation was for, passes in a couple of nebulous paragraphs.

It is hard to call this story sexist, simply because it insults both genders in equal measure. The boys are Tristan and Paul. The former is a simpering man-child who cleaves desperately to a woman who will never return his feelings, with his highest aspiration being to glimpse her panties. The latter seems to be an escapee from the land of Gor, who believes that women must be brought to heel under threat of physical punishment and rewarded by being fucked.

For the girls we have Claire and Rachael. Claire is a wild child who enjoys stringing a cluster of various men along in an endless cock-tease. Rachael, on the other hand, is completely submissive to a man who expects her to cook and clean and be a warm body on command.

I am not against Domestic Discipline, it is a lifestyle choice. The key word being choice: that is consenting adults decide it is a lifestyle they collectively wish to pursue. It is not for one party, and one party alone, to decide and the other to simply abide by it. And any sexual gratification that could be gained by the reader from these scenes is lost because they are only spoken of by the characters. Any part that is shown gets glossed over so the characters can talk about it.

I cannot remember a story where I have actually hated every character. This isn’t a story of submission, it is a cycle of abuse and a study in Stockholm Syndrome.

Overall, I really cannot recommend this book. The characters are detestable, the plot is offensive, and the writing need to be reined in.

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