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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Review - The Love Revolution by Joyce Meyer

Title: Love Revolution
Author: Joyce Meyer
Publisher: Hachette Audio
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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Val

Are you fed up with all the pain and injustice that’s plaguing the world? Nothing will ever change if we don’t get involved. The world is in desperate need of people who are willing to band together and start a Love Revolution.

Possibly one of Joyce’s most urgent books, The Love Revolution forces you to answer the question, “What are you doing for others?” Your answer could change your life and your world. 

Let me first say that Love Revolution is a book that NEEDS to be studied in your church. It is a necessity if we are to move forward as a church body or just within ourselves. Through the words spoken throughout the pages of this book, we are faced with some truths that we might not like very much but need to pay attention to. Ms. Meyers brings to the forefront how we have made religion our God, not God himself. We are righteous when we want to be but not when we are supposed to be. We are no better than anyone else and it's time for us to stop thinking that we are. It's true that some might be offended by this book and to them I say, "This book might just be for you." I know my toes were stepped on from time to time and I plan to learn from this extraordinary book, as well as the lessons that God is trying to teach me. This would make an outstanding book for church groups to study. Our world can be a whole different place than what it is now. The only thing we need is a Love Revolution. I highly recommend this book to anyone.

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