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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Review - Sanctuary by Cassidy Hunter

Title: Sanctuary

Author: Cassidy Hunter

Publisher: Loose ID

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

Kimberlyn is a were at odds with herself. She longs to express her true nature, but she's not sure what that is. What she knows is that she needs lovers who can satisfy her needs for rough sex and submission. What she doesn't know is that as the only Healer of her kind, she's incredibly valuable to the pack that can claim her.

Pack Alpha Logan and his partner Andrew need a third to solidify their pack and protect it from the Bears who want to take over. They know Kimberlyn's their girl from the moment they lay eyes on her. Now they just need to convince her they can fulfill her darkest desires. And to keep her away from the Bears.

I have mixed feelings about this story. On the one hand it is well written, has an excellent plot, interesting characters, and a vivid world. Logan and Andrew are vastly different people who express their feelings in very different ways. The other wolves, even those with limited screen time, are equally complex and provide a lively back drop to the story.

On the other hand, it does strike upon one of my personal pet peeves. This is what I call enjoyable rape; that is a character says no, but other characters go ahead with it anyway and she ends up having a good time, so it’s okay in the end. The fact that it was rape is never mentioned at all, and the event leads to a loving relationship for all involved.

Rape is never okay and should never be treated so lightly. It is a traumatic experience.

Overall, I really like this story. But the fact that it skims over such an important subject, keeps me from giving it a higher rating.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing Sanctuary, Janelle! I'm so glad you liked it and enjoyed the characters and their world. Have a great night. :)


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