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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Review - Willed to Love by Michelle Houston

Title: Willed To Love

Author: Michelle Houston

Publisher: Phaze Books

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Reviewed by: Brynna

Rating: You Need to Read

Although still in love with her husband Devon, Ashley Monroe was seeking a divorce, thanks to his family and their mistreatment. When Devon's grandmother dies, and Ashley is included in the will, everything changes, because his grandmother wasn't about to let history repeat itself.

When Ashley Monroe filed for divorce, it was a painstaking choice. Fre spirited and true-hearted, she wasn't the "Monroe's" idea of the perfect wife for Devon. His grandmother believed otherwise and left Ashley an inheritance with conditions. She must try to reconcile her marriage.

Devon was away when Ashley miscarried their baby and for two days his family forgot to call him. First the baby, Ashley and then his grandmother, he's lost those most precious to him. He's more than willing to agree to the terms of the will and seek comfort in his wife's arms.

A sweet steamy read that will break your heart, Willed to Love is a perfect mix of romance and light humor. My only complaint was the reason for Ashley's divorce. I felt she was more the type of woman to tell the family to kiss off than walk away from the man she loved. No spoilers here, but I absolutely loved the ending. This is one you need to read.

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