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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Review - Instructing Emily by Lyla Sinclair

Title: Instructing Emily

Author: Lyla Sinclair

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

Graduate student Emily Brooks wishes she were going to a romantic rendezvous with Professor Mark Kendall. Instead, she’s heading to his office to salvage her grade-point average, since she was too distracted by his hotness to pass some of his tests. When the professor realizes Emily wants more than a passing grade, he agrees to retest her—while he administers some new, very pleasurable distractions.

When Emily passes, Mark invites her to his house for the weekend and she’s thrilled that her romantic dreams are finally coming true. However, once there, she learns he expects her to be his sex slave. His touch is too exquisite to resist and his demands and dominance become more and more exciting as the weekend progresses. But is this all part of a bigger test? And if she passes, will she get the one thing she’s wanted for years?

This story is a pretty standard erotica with just enough plot to flesh out the characters a bit. The back stories of the two characters help give their motivation and makes for a rather sweet ending. I like that the emotional issues both characters are going through, something that is often left out of this kind of story.

The sex is creative and fun and varies from vanilla to kind of kinky. This story is definitely one that can please a variety of tastes.

Overall, a good before bed read.


  1. Ms. Sinclair is, as we speak, on a jet, winging off to some exotic location with her nude Spanish guitarist. She asked me to convey her sincere appreciation for a fabulous review and sends thanks to reviewer, Janelle.

    As for me, I ADORE Ms. Sinclair's books and "Emily" is on my keeper shelf. Great review!

  2. Thanks Janelle! I'm back in town and so pleased that you reviewed my story!

    Also thanks to my friend Debra Glass--have you read "Badcock"?--who's always got my back. I was receiving emails on my iPhone, but it wouldn't let me post a comment on this blog, for some reason.

    Thanks again!


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