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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Review - Nightmare by Karen Lewis

Title: Nightmare

Author: Karen Lewis

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

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Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

Her husband is arrested as a serial killer and Kyla thinks it’s as bad as it gets. But there’s much more in store. Set in the frenzy of Olympic games Vancouver, Kyla swings from believing in his innocence to the utter conviction of his guilt, and then back again. And discovers, in the process, that nothing is ever as it seems.

I love a good who-done-it, or in this case did-he-do-it. The speculation, the mystery, the emotional highs and lows. I can’t say I have experienced anything like what Kyla is going through, and I can assume most readers would be the same. But I still find her very relatable as she reacts to each change in her crumbling world.

This story’s biggest problem is pacing. The whole plot is rushed, revelation happen at break neck speed with no time for suspense to build or the audience to catch up emotionally. Really, this story would be better served if it where about twice as long.

It has a few mechanical problems as well, mostly the tendency to scene jump without warning. In one paragraph Kyla will be talking to one man, then in the next she is in a different place talking to a different person without any indication that time has passed.

Overall a good story that could use a bit more polish.

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