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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Review - Unwanted Desire by Aubrey Ross

Title: Alpha Colony: Unwanted Desire

Author: Aubrey Ross

Publisher: Changling Press

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

When Barbary Pride lions are blamed for the brutal murder of a she-wolf-shifter, animosity flares and tempers ignite. In a moment of desperation, the victim's mate kidnaps Jizette and threatens to return her, one piece at a time, until the murderer is turned over to Timberline pack.

Kage is afraid his grief-stricken friend will follow through with his grisly threat, so he hides the terrified cat, giving her pride time to investigate the murder. Jizette isn't sure what to think of her rescuer. He's gruff and aggressive, and stirs feelings she doesn't want to feel. Interspecies couples are shunned. Forbidden. Yet, the flash of his eyes, and the press of his muscular body, make her burn as never before.

To protect her, Kage must take her beyond the walls of Alpha Colony, and expose her to a world she's never experienced before. His rash plan might incinerate the sheltered beauty, or free her to become more than she ever dreamed possible.

I think my favorite part of this story is the end; largely because it isn’t a happily ever after. In romance there tends to be a formula that likes to end the story with all the loose ends tied up in a neat bow, but despite the paranormal nature of the story, this ending is far more realistic.

Now, this story is the third in an on going series I have not read. However, I firmly believe that every story, part of a series or not, must be able to stand on it’s own. While the main romantic plot of this story is solid, the subplot surrounding their “evil overlords” takes for granted that the first two books have been read. Names and titles are tossed about between characters but never explained to the reader. It makes the threat that drives the main plot seem vague and nebulous.

Overall, I like this story. The characters are amusing and the star crossed love story makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. While I do with it had a bit more background, this does not detract too much from the enjoyment.

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