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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review - At the Mercy of her Pleasure by Kayelle Allen

Title: At the Mercy of her Pleasure

Author: Kayelle Allen

Publisher: Loose ID

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

At eighteen, Senth Antonello already holds a lofty position in the elite Thieves' Guild. Drugged since puberty to suppress his feral half-feline side, nothing suppresses his other half, a daredevil who lives for risk. Before his master hires him out to a Better, an enhanced woman with addictive, pleasure-laced pheromones, the man offers him a deal too good to pass up. Finish the job successfully and he will buy Senth's older brother and free him. The job? Grab-and-go. The downside? Senth must remain a virgin, no matter how beautiful or tempting the woman.

Captain NarrAy Jorlan is twenty-five, a career officer, and determined to regain the technology stolen from her murdered parents. She hires a pro to steal it back. Unlike most Betters, NarrAy masters her powerful sex pheromones that addict her partners to her. Yet every moment with this sexually inexperienced young thief makes her wetter, hungrier, and more eager to taste and touch every part of his body. Surely she can steal a kiss or two from a thief without losing control. Can't she give in just a little, without risking him being at the mercy of her pleasure?

This story started out as pretty standard sci-fi fare; strange technology, alien races, and varied cultures all mixing in a vivid urban landscape. All lorded over by an Evil Interplanetary Overlord; challenged only by a small resistance of spunky rebels.

Senth is cute and very likable, and it is easy to see him as a young innocent teenager who – all things considered – seems to have lead a rather sheltered life. NarrAy by contrast is jaded and realistic about the world and all its ills.

The sex is abundant. In fact I question how the Empress has time to run her kingdom. That said there is more then enough variety to keep anyone happy.

Overall, I wish I could recommend reading this book, but I must instead recommend reading it twice. The ending is a serious twist that throws everything into a different light. I won’t ruin it by saying any more then that.

1 comment:

  1. Janelle, thank you for your review. You scared me for a moment there when you said you wished you could recommend it -- but then made my day when you suggested reading it twice.

    I truly enjoyed writing that twist. After my third book, one of my readers commented, "Think you know what'll happen next? No way. It's by Kayelle." I try to achieve that same effect throughout each book. I hope you'll check out the sequel about Senth's brother in For Women Only. Thank you again.


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