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Monday, August 2, 2010

Review - Ink Me by Robin Wolfe

Title: Ink Me

Author: Robin Wolfe

Publisher: Eternal Press

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

Marie plans to get a tattoo that's deeply important to her and needs the perfect artist to do her ink. But at her first appointment with award-winning tattooist Paul, she realizes that his pictures in tattoo magazine profiles don't begin to do him justice. As embarrassing as it is for her to admit to herself, she knows she'd like to get a whole lot more than just a tattoo from him? and she soon discovers the feeling may be mutual!

For anyone who has ever had a secret fondness or desire for a tattoo, either wanting to have one or lusting after someone who has their own, Ink Me is the book for you. Ms. Wolfe managed to create two very likable characters when she envisioned Paul and Marie. It is impossible to remain separate or aloof from their lives, either past or present, and the reader finds as the story progresses that the tattoos are not merely body art, they are also an venue for the characters to both express and hide themselves at the same time. We discover that the tattoos are a release of sorts, both mental and physical, for their joy and pain.

I found great enjoyment in Ms. Wolfe's attention to detail, and her eloquence in describing the processes involved in inking tattoos, and how that physical closeness contributed to the magnetism between Marie and Paul. I am not sure what was more fun, wondering what was going to happen next between them or just “assuming” what the inevitable would be and anticipating it. Ink Me takes the heroine's deep hidden desires and brings them out into the open for us to see and experience. Like any voyeuristic trip to the psychiatrist's couch I found that experience exciting, scary, enlightening and at times arousing. Will it be the same for you? Read the book to find out, it's worth the visit.

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