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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review - One Week-end by Sasha White

Title: One Week-end

Author: Sasha White

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

Three lovers. Two days. One bed-
Angie Wilson is a lucky girl. She loves her job, her life, and her man, Rick Craig. What red-blooded woman wouldn't revel in the attentions of a good-looking, athletic boyfriend who's secure enough to encourage her most adventurous appetites?
One of the worst heat waves in memory has hit town, and by Friday Angie is ready to really let loose. Craig and his best friend, Mark, are chilling on the patio with cold beer when she gets home from work, and the three get comfortable. As the night moves on and the talk turns to sex, Angie longs for more than just cool air on her bare skin.
And the heat's making her just crazy enough to go for it-

Sometimes a week-end can offer a simple respite, sometimes it can offer much more, and sometimes it can change your life. It certainly changes the lives of three friends as we see in Sasha White's novella of the same name. In One Weekend all it takes is a heat wave and a little alcohol, before you know it a few inhibitions disappear and then all bets are off. Next comes a glimpse of skin here, a loss of clothing there, a suggestion and the friendship dynamics change. The next thing they know what was once a couple becomes a little more. Sasha White is the queen of writing about strong women, equally strong men and unique situations and she does not disappoint us with this latest story.

I loved everything about Angie: she is bold without being overt or brassy, sweet but never passive. A perfect foil for the two men in her life. And let's not forget the men, as always, Ms. White writes character driven novels that are definitely erotica, but still manage to retain a level of sensitivity at the same time. Just like Angie, Rick and Mark manage to come together so effortlessly, everything meshes together perfectly in One Week-end: the dialogue, love scenes, characters all merge to create the ideal breathe of fresh air, just what is needed for our own week-end break. This is the perfect book to add a little spice to any book collection.

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