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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review - Who Wants Tyler Dead by Frances Evlin

Title : Who Wants Tyler Dead

Author: Frances Evlin

Publisher: Writer's Exchange E-Publishing

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Rating : You Need to Read

Reviewed By : Jennifer

Marielle Jones has been hired to drive eight-year old Tyler, his ten-year old sister Mickey, and their maternal grandmother on a camping trip across Oregon. When Tyler claims someone pushed him into a river, she doubts it. But when their party is shot at in a lava cave and Tyler's horse is spooked while he's riding on the Oregon dunes, Marielle begins to wonder: What's going on here? Who wants Tyler dead? And why?

Add the mystery of the kids' missing mother, the suspicious actions of their grandmother, and the puzzling attention of a fellow camper, and Marielle is thrown into amateur sleuth mode. And where does a lazy, mixed-breed hound, an elegant purebred one, and a suave college instructor fit into the picture? It all comes together in the musty, dark corridors of an historic old military fort.

This story is a great example of never knowing what will happen next. I admit to knowing at least one of the bad guys when I met him in the story. Ms. Evlin does a great job of telling a story. Really in telling a story that takes many twists and turns. It's well worth the time to read it. Marielle is a strong woman character who isn't afraid to go into a new adventure. She takes on two kids and their Grandma, and takes them camping. I love the relationship that comes out of the driving trip between Marielle and Josh. I really love the last few lines about leaning on him for a long time. How sweet. The intrigue woven throughout just made the story a pleasure to read.

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