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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Review - About A Baby by Ann Yost

Title : About a Baby

Author: Ann Yost

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

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Rating : You Gotta Read

Reviewed By : Jennifer

Timing is everything…

Small-town veterinarian Hallie Scott loves all creatures great and small except for boa constrictors and Basil Outlaw, the man whose Christmas eve rejection slammed the door on her last chance to have a baby of her own.
Baz Outlaw doesn't believe in love or family but his life is empty without Hallie. A year later he shows up under her tree prepared to give her everything but he's too late. Motherhood is out, Hallie's started a new life and Baz is harboring a small secret that could break her heart all over again.

Will the their sizzling chemistry and Hallie's warm heart be enough to overcome the timing and make this Christmas all about love?

I absolutely loved this book. It was well written and fun to get into. My favorite part was the ending, how it worked out for everyone. I love a happy ending. Halle is a strong independent female who figures out she can make it on her own, and not settle for less than true love. Her true love is Baz who walked out on her, because he didn't want marriage. He comes back to help his family and win Hallie back. The believability lies in the fact that she doesn't give into Baz. She makes him work for it. I loved the inner workings of the Outlaw family. Just a good, sweet, well worth my time to read.

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  1. Jennifer - thank you so much for the lovely words.. you made my day. I can't wait to show this to my family and friends!
    Ann Yost


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