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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review - The Dark Ones by Megan Harmon

Title: The Dark Ones

Author: Megan Harmon

Publisher: Eternal Press

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Rating: Need To Read

Reviewed by: Lupa

A wolf in designer denim coaxes Cat to leave the pole and find her destiny. Dissatisfied with her life, suffering from depression and plagued with nightmares filled with blood, the last thing Catherine Milton expected when she walked through her door was to find a well-dressed lunatic sitting on her couch. Garrick was beautiful, cultured and strong. But a sane man wouldn’t break into her home and tell her that he is a werewolf needing her help to save the world from vampires. After all, werewolves and vampires aren’t real, are they?

If a tall dark stranger walked up to you and told you that you were Chosen and that your fate was to be with him, what would you do? Personaly, I would listen to his tale then probably do the same thing Cat does.

This novella was a great read. I adored Cat and Garrick. The action was fast paced but didn’t feel like it was crammed in, vivid visuals and viscereal scenes made The Dark Ones a delight to read.

Now I can only wonder and hope that there will be more tales of The Chosen on the horizon from Megan Chase

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