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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review - Glory and the Clever Cat by Carol Storm

Title: Glory and the Clever Cat

Author: Carol Storm

Publisher: Noble Romance

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Rating: Need To Read

Reviewed by: Lupa

Queen Catharine of Echosea will do anything to save her country. Queen Gloriana of Albion leads her people with the strength of a man. Two warrior queens, imperious and beautiful. Destiny made them rivals . . . passion made them lovers!

Warring kingdoms are a common theme in many historical stories. Kingdoms were and in some ways still are always going to way with each other. Never have I found such a delightful twist to that ancient theme as Glory and the Clever Cat.

Queen Catherine of Echosea and Queen Gloriana of Albion have been at war. Gloriana’s men have just defeated Cat’s forces and have driven them back. To celebrate Glory is holding a grand winter feast. At the feast a poor young woman enters and captures the attention of the Queen. Little did she know that the young woman she is playing with is her counterpart Queen Catherine.

The lives of these two Queens change dramatically when they finally meet. And their two kingdoms will never be the same again.

Glory and the Clever Cat is a well written, vividly descriptive short story. It contains one of the best first time lesbian encounters I have ever read.

Glory and the Clever Cat is definitely a Need To Read section.

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