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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review - Seducing Gracie by Cameo Brown

Title: Seducing Gracie

Author: Cameo Brown

Publisher: Changling Press

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Reviewed by: Brynna

Rating: You Want to Read

NYC detective Gracie Usher sets out to find a lost child and ends up in the arms of a demon whose bloodlust can only be satisfied by a sacrifice every five years -- or by a woman whose desire is as insatiable as his.

When Detective Usher stumbles into Wayland, New York, looking for a prominent business owner's young daughter, she finds instead a horrible beast who wants not only her blood, but her soul. Giving in to his desire would be much easier if she were a mere mortal, but Gracie's a different kind of human. Logic is her best friend and leading with her head, not her heart, is what she does best, at least until she meets a demon who decides he won't be complete until he makes her his. for eternity.

When Detective Usher is assigned to a missing person investigation involving a child, she is kidnapped along with another woman. To her surprise Gracie finds herself in the arms of a demon more than willing to fulfill her every fantasy. Will he be able to stay with her when his time in this realm ends?

At first, I didn’t like Gracie as a heroine. The book opens with her in bed with her lover. I use the term loosely, because he is in love with someone else, someone he is about to marry the next day. She is fully aware of his fiancĂ© and just doesn’t seem to care. This blatant infidelity bothered me throughout the book, even though we only see it in the first scene. The characters were vibrant and real enough for me to feel for the demon and his plight. Great imagery, but I really feel the author could have started after the first scene and picked up the plot with the missing child accomplishing the same task. As it is, while written well, I have to give it a Want To read. I’m sorry to say while strong and independent, Gracie was discolored in my eyes with the first love scene.

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  1. Thanks so much, Brynna! It was so great to have you review Seducing Gracie. I really appreciate the time you took to read it, and even though it didn't meet all your expectations, I'm glad you enjoyed a couple of its elements. It's always wonderful to know someone read and took the time to write about one of my books. It's so nice to meet you this way. Happy Reading! Cameo Brown


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