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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review - Show Pony by Cherry Lee

Title: Show Pony

Author: Cherry Lee

Publisher: Excessica

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Rating: Need To Read

Reviewed by: Lupa

Shrinking Violet her school mates once called her. Violet has never grown any bolder than she was back then. She has spent the last couple of years as a full time slave to a wheelchair-bound Master, content to live quietly doing his bidding.

When he tells her she’s to be sold to a trainer who prepares women to be ponies, Violet is afraid. She doesn’t do well with change or venturing out of her comfort zone. But Tom, the trainer takes her in hand and expands her horizons. Bit by bit he brings out the confident show pony in the demure woman.

There are many different worlds within the Bondage and Domination community. Seldome have I encountered a book about one of those worlds that is so well written and detailed. Cherry Lee has given the reader a delightful look at the world of pony play.

Violet has been happily serving her Master Greg, but now she is about to find herself on a new adventure with a new Master.

Tom is an accomplished horse trainer with a passion for pony play and when he ses Violet he is certain that she will make a great show pony. That is if she can accept the change from slave to pony.

Highly erotic and wonderfully descriptive, Show Pony is a great read, and a fun way to see a bit of the world of Total Domination and pony play.

Once again Cherry Lee has written a fun and realistic novella to show the world a glimpse into the “shadows”.

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