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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review - Last Call Europe: Faery Dust by Mina Carter

Title: Last Call Europe: Faery Dust

Author: Mina Carter

Publisher: Changeling Press LLC

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

Asharra De Silve, Faery Princess of the Terralien line, is getting married. The whole regal pomp and circumstance, the big white dress, the flowers... and it's all a sham. She's been sold off to the highest bidder as a virgin princess to save her family from the Fae equivalent of debtor's gaol. So she's decided that a visit to Last Call is in order...

Faery Dust: Nymph seeks a good hard f---ing. One night to last a lifetime.

Deverell, Lord Hunter, is in town for his own wedding. But with a wedding comes a bedding, and he needs to take the edge off his appetite before he even tries to take his promised virgin bride to bed. So when a pretty little sprite calls for a Faery Dust, Dev's more than happy to show her just how wicked a dark Lord of the Fae can be.

Asharrah De Silve has been sold into a marriage of convenience and she is bound and determined to have one last night of fun before she must face the rest of her life. Little does she know what she would find when she goes to The Last call and orders her drink. Deverell may be getting married but he needs to take some slack off of his appetite before going to his innocent bride and is more than willing to give Asharrah just what she needs.

This short story had me right from the start. Asharrah is a feisty and smart woman who needs to take some control in her life and going out and finding someone for a night is just what she wants and Deverell fits the bill very nicely. As arrogant and harsh as he comes off we find that Deverell is a man with a heart and feelings. As the night grows so do the feelings that these two have for each other. Will they be able to leave when the morning comes?

Well written and a great twist at the end of this story makes this a book that you should check out. I myself will be sure to check out others from this author.

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