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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review - Nana's Little Black Book by Shannon Leigh

Title : Nana's Little Black Book

Author : Shannon Leigh

Publisher : Audiolark

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Reviewed by: Brynna

Rating: You Need to Read

Format: Audio Book

A firm believer in alternative medicine, Catrina’s recently deceased grandmother had a tincture or tea to cure everything from sore throats to insomnia.

But when Catrina discovers a secret vault beneath the braided carpet in Nana’s room, one filled with various artifacts of magic, to say she was befuddled would be an understatement. What secrets had died with her mysterious Nana? And what ones would she discover within this strange treasure trove?

One item in particular draws her attention, a little black book that seems widely out of place. As she investigates this strange tome, Catrina discovers that it’s a phone book for summoning a male demon who will carry out whatever duty the bookkeeper requires of him.

Inadvertently, her fingers brush the calling pad within, bringing forth Malthus, the Earl of Hell. While his previous tasks for her Nana mainly included general carpentry, Malthus plans on fulfilling some of Catrina’s more carnal needs as well…
Review: Catrina mourns the loss of her precious Nana, the woman who raised her after her parents died in a car crash. Loathe to deal with letting go, she's put off cleaning Nana's room knowing once she does, she'll finally have to say goodbye. While cleaning, she discovers a ripped out page and a secret trap door in the floor under the rug where Nana was found. Inside is a trove of bottles, potions, spell books and strange objects. Just what was Nana really in to?

After finding the magical equivalent of a little black book, Catrina accidently summons Malthus, the Earl of Hell, but finds he may be interested in more than just fixing things around the house. And what about Nana's final summon?

I found Nana's Little Black Book a fun, quick and perhaps a little wicked read. The audio effects enhance rather than deter the reader pulling you into the story. I didn't like Malthus who was I suppose as callous and nasty as demon should be. Ramuel, however, was an interesting twist. I wish the author had given us a little more story there as it seemed to end all too soon. Still one you need to read, or listen, too.

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