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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review - Pure Physique by Michael Lipowski

Title : Pure Physique

Author : Michael Lipowski

Publisher: Price World Publishing

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Reviewed by: Brynna

Rating: You Need to Read

Pure Physique is for anyone who ever felt they should be getting more from their efforts in and out of the gym. This book will teach you how to put together an exercise and nutrition program that is truly tailor-fitted to meet your individual needs and goals. Unlike other books that provide fad diets and ‘canned’ workout routines, Pure Physique was designed with the individual in mind. With this book, you will finally be able obtain the leaner, more muscular body you’ve always wanted.

I found Pure Physique surprisingly interesting. Mr. Lipowski teaches not about nutritional habits or fat loss, but instead guides the reader on a better path to defined muscle tone. Knowing absolutely nothing about weightlifting or work out concepts in general, I wasn't sure what I could take away from reading this book. The style in which the author speaks to the reader is clear and easily understood even from a novice point of view. If you have an interest in weight lifting, train or just want to learn something new, Pure Physique is a book you definitely need to read.

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