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Monday, November 22, 2010

Review - The Choosing by Darcy Sweet

Title: The Choosing

Author: Darcy Sweet

Publisher: eXessica

Buy Link: Buy The Choosing Here!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

As decreed by Vandarran law, one maiden from every shire walks the Chosen Path to the Night Palace, where one and one alone is Chosen to serve a Dark Master. Those left un-chosen are kept in Blood Service.

Talia learned from a young age to mask her true feelings. She guarded her thoughts, living only to count the days until she reached legal majority, dreaming of when she could escape the stifling rules of her Uncle and the pawing hands of her lecherous cousin. Just days shy of her twenty fifth birthday and her freedom, her meager dreams are torn away. As punishment for her refusal of her cousin’s marriage claim she is forced in offering to the Vandarran Dark Masters in a ceremony known as The Choosing.

In an erotic ritual of passionate submission her desires are unleashed and Talia is Chosen by Roth, the Dark Prince of Pleasure. Once Chosen Talia is lead down a path of mystery and intrigue uncovering lust and betrayal at every turn. To meet her destiny Talia must learn to trust her heart and set free the power of her desire. Can she battle through betrayal to find her true self and live the life she chooses or will she submit to the will of the Dark Prince and his secrets?

This story has great potential, but I do not think it has been fully realized. Plot-wise, it feels forced and at times seems to serve only as a bridge between sex scenes. Instead of characters acting and reacting as one would expect them to, they make choices that advance the plot while ignoring that those choices make no sense. For example, Talia has a handmaid, who starts out being cold, aloof, and even cruel to her; but when the handmaid suddenly changes her ways, her motives for doing so are never questioned. Furthermore, Talia proceeds to trust her completely, until it’s time to be kidnaped.

The characters are fairly generic and don’t veer far from their stereotypes. The heroine is an atypical damsel in distress – she’s strong, independent, and reasonably intelligent, until she’s not. There is a scene where she calls lightning and burns a guy to ash, only to need rescuing within the next few chapters. Also, the villains are all off their rockers. This is just lazy writing, there are far more interesting reasons for someone to be evil then simply being nuts.

The sex is...abundant. Some of it is good, some less so, but there is so much of it I skimmed through in places. Absolutely everything that can be sexualized, is. I know it is erotica, but “too much of a good thing” holds true.

I think, however, what really gets under my skin is that this story doesn’t end, it just stops. The love interests say the magic words, and the plot and subplots are left swinging in the wind, forgotten.

Overall, this story could have been done better. The idea is good, but it needs refining.

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