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Monday, November 22, 2010

Review - Dark Geist by Amanda Steiger

Title : Dark Geist

Author: Amanda Steiger

Publisher: Liquid Silver

Buy Link: Buy Dark Geist Here!

Rating : You Need To Read

Reviewed By : Jodie Pierce

After centuries of walking among humans undetected, the Children—immortal descendents of gods and goddesses—are disappearing. Smoky Striggs wants to get to the bottom of this mystery, but even with the brains he inherited from his ancestor, Athena, he can’t turn up any clues.

Then he overhears a psychic distress call from Felix, a gentle-natured young telepath who uses his powers to locate serial killers for the government. For months, Felix has been tracking a killer named Violet Haze. As Smoky learns more, he begins to suspect that Haze is connected to the Children’s disappearances. The only way to find answers is to capture her, and for that, he’ll need Felix’s help.

Soon Smoky is falling for his new friend, who reminds him of his dead lover from another century. Same red hair, same gorgeous blue eyes, same burning desire to help those in need, no matter the cost to himself. But Smoky’s sworn off mortals. They just don’t live long enough, and when they die, the heartbreak is too much.

Felix Burns is a telepath or mind merger who, with a picture and items from the missing, can open the doorways of the mind and link it with his in an attempt to find them. He’s worked for the DPR for the past nine years and his father is the head Scientist. His mother, Violet Haze had been a science experiment gone wrong. She became possessed by a demon and serpent-like with a dangerous hunger for death.

The ‘Children’ are descendents of Earth’s Gods and Goddesses that deal in geists (auras-blue/good and dark/bad). They need to absorb the good auras from people to stay healthy and are immortal. They believe it is Violet Haze who is kidnapping the ‘Children’ and killing them.

Upon Felix’s vacation, he meets Smoky Striggs, a musician and one of the ‘Children’ looking for answers. The two team up in a search for Violet Haze and fall in love with each other in the process. They find Violet Haze and Smoky gently knocks out Felix out so he can go take care of her however, she’s stronger than he anticipated. After he’s cut her in half, her serpent-like mouth slithers towards an injured Smokey and an evil Felix/Edward comes in and saves the day.

Edward is Felix’s lifetime alter ego that he has suppressed with medication. Afterwards, Felix and Smoky share one of their many nights of passionate lovemaking. ‘Children’ still come up missing so a meeting of them is called by the head, Sophia. Smoky is chided for bringing his “mortal lover or pet” but is later called to Sophia, his mother and given a blue geist dagger only hours before she is killed.

Dr. Burns has a vision of creating a new world with his “god machine”. It’s going to rewrite the minds of the humans, take away their free will, end suffering, cruelty, greed and selfishness. He calls Felix to come back to the DPR under the pretense of another missing child and though Smoky begs Felix not to go, Felix feels it’s his duty to help others. Once there, Dr. Burns reveals his diabolical plan to his son who denies his assistance but his father drugs him, hooks him up to the machine and straps him down.

Dr. Burns proudly shows him the ‘Children’ he’s collected for their blue geist to assist the machine with the transformation. A concerned Smoky, after not hearing from Felix, goes to the DPR and finally manages to find his way into the lab where he finds Edward in control. Smoky demands to be put with Felix so Edward thrusts him into a dark room with Felix in some void. Felix tells Smoky that he’s been bad and he’d rather disappear than be bad. Smoky encourages him to stand up to Edward. Felix gets the boost he needs and confronts Edward. He finally accepts Edward as himself, not another being therefore Felix could be in control if he wanted. He sent Edward back into the recesses of his mind permanently. He then calls back Smoky from the darkness and puts the blue geists back into all the ‘Children’ so they may return to their lives. Felix also takes the dark geists from the entire planet but realizes that as soon as he takes it, it comes right back so it would be a never ending process to continue his father’s work. He destroys the machine but not before making a small change to himself for Smoky. The two of them move in together and love each other.

This was a very good story! The storyline was cohesive and well throughout including a twist in the end. The characters were well formed and made you feel like you knew them personally. I was able to ‘see’ the book as I was reading it. It played like a movie in my head. It was hard to put the book down yet it was a little predictable. I would recommend it to those who like romance/sci-fi stories.

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