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Monday, November 22, 2010

Review - Demons Love Cinnamon by Kate Richards

Title : Demons Love Cinnamon

Author: Kate Richards

Publisher: Breathless Press

Buy Link: Buy Demons Love Cinnamon Here!

Rating : You Gotta Read

Reviewed By : Jodie Pierce

Archaic and powerful demon, Alessandro, knew never to disappoint his overlord, but Samhain night on Earth is a new experience for this red-hot guy. When a captivating scent leads him to a Halloween party, he finds Gwenny. The witch is everything he never even knew to dream of. The only problem is, he's due back in Hell in the morning with somebody’s soul…and it looks like it may be hers.

Unable to resist Alessandro's wicked allure, Gwenny doesn’t realize the danger she's in until their night of passion comes to an end. If Lucifer's demands are refused, will they both survive, or will Gwenny lose her heart and soul to her cinnamon-loving demon?

On the most important night of the year for both witches and demons, can they come together peacefully or will the dawn tear them apart?

Witch and worshipper of “the Lady” is at Ariel’s’, a fellow witch’s house for Samhain which is similar to a new year’s celebration ritual. Alessandro came from Hell since Halloween is the one day they are able to pass into the mortal world but he must bring back with him one mortal soul and the “death by mortal sin” requirement is void just for today.

Upon arrival, since this is his first trip, he is stunned and amazed at all the happenings around him in this local suburban town. Kids are running around in costume yelling ‘trick or treat’ and getting candy. Adults are dressed up and having fun at parties he sees through open doors as he walks down the street. He is drawn to a house that is giving him uplifting spirits and the fragrance coming from it is amazing. He walks over to the source, a bed of flowers at the gate but as he touches them, they wilt and die in his hands.

People in the house seem happy and are laughing loudly so he decides to follow behind another couple entering and take a look around. He is introduced to cider with cinnamon and he’s fascinated with the spice cinnamon. He wanders around the house to the back and sees the naked women out in the back garden with their arms in the air, chanting loudly. He wonders what they are up to but quickly moves so as not to be seen. When they come inside, Gwenny, one of the witches bumps right into him and he is immediately drawn to her.

As he tries to learn more about her, he manages to insult her with his lack of etiquette and knowledge of the mortal world. She tries to go several times but he keeps drawing her back with his seemingly innocent nature. Finally, she’s had enough and he takes her out back and strips down and shows her that he’s a demon and tells her his story. She doesn’t believe him at first but then realizes that she’s fallen for him. She takes him back to her place to talk more and decides she wants to have sex with him. He refuses stating having sex with a demon is like heroin and it is really bad for you. She talks him into it and they go into her bedroom. She lights candles, does some light chanting and her aura turns bright gold and fills the room. He is able to see his which is green and sickly but as she moves closer to him, she starts to heal his sick green aura. As they start their foreplay, everything is intensified and he asks what’s going on. “Magic” she replies and he’s content with her answer.

They have amazing sex yet he is keeping a close eye on the horizon for he should disappear at sun up. As he feels himself start to be pulled, she hangs onto him with her aura still surrounding them both. Hell tries to pull him back with everything they’ve got but Gweeny’s magic is stronger and they finally give up. She has bound him to her and he gets to stay in the mortal world permanently.

I really liked this story, though it was short and I kept hoping there’d be more to read. The new holiday twist the author put on good vs. evil was very original. She made an old theme new and refreshing again. Her bits of humor were priceless and she really drew me into the story. It was as if I was in a 3D movie with everything happening around me. I would recommend this book to everyone who likes Halloween, romance and the paranormal.

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