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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Review - Faery's Bargin by Madeleine Drake

Title: Faery's Bargain

Author: Madeleine Drake

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Buy Link: Buy Faery’s Bargin Here!

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Brynna


Tara's witchcraft has failed to save her naga-bitten nephew: the only cure is a rare Faery herb, impossible for a human to obtain.

Kane, a warrior of the Morrigan tribe, is bound to a baigh-duil. He needs a witch to help him send the soul-devouring monster back to its own realm, and he's willing to bargain.

It seems like a fair trade--the herb for help with a single spell. But
what will Tara do when she realizes Kane can only perform sex magic and
death magic?


Tara's nephew hovers at death's door after being attacked by a magical creature. For all her powers, she knows nothing will save him except a rare herb Tara has no hope of finding. Until fate steps in and leads Fae warrior Kane right to Tara's door step. To save her nephew Tara makes a deal with the proverbial devil. Simple over done, right? Wrong. Tara recognized Kane's tribal tattoos. His magic is bred through sex and death. Can she go through with the Faery's Bargain? With her nephew's life on the line, how can she not?

Faery's Bargain is a quick, sassy read. Tara and Kane waste no time heating things up and still manage a happy ever after ending. Madeleine Drake is a writer with an impeccable skill for imagery, vividly bringing her characters to life. This is one you Gotta Read.


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