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Monday, November 22, 2010

Review - Hieroglyphs by Kit Wylde

Title : Hieroglyphs

Author: Kit Wylde

Publisher: Wild Child Publishing

Buy Link: Buy Hieroglyphs Here!

Rating : You Need To Read

Reviewed By : Jodie Pierce

When a new hieroglyphic alphabet is discovered on an ancient Egyptian scroll, expert archaeologist Joslyn Wetherly is called in to decipher it. Joslyn is obsessed with the scroll, and that obsession threatens her marriage.

But soon her life is threatened as the secrets of the scroll prove dangerous. Before Joslyn realizes what is happening, she is embroiled in a rivalry between two long-dead pharaohs, their Egyptian gods, and past life karmas.

Will Joslyn survive the secrets revealed in the scroll? Or will she be the next victim of the ancient feud?

What a great tale of romance, action, “sacrifice, treachery and obedience to the gods”. This story has a little bit of something for everybody in it. It keeps you guessing all the way to the end where the information takes a surprising turn.

Joslyn Weatherly is a workaholic. She deciphers hieroglyphics from ancient scrolls and her latest project has her full attention putting herself and her marriage to Peter in jeopardy. After many promises to come home early to spend time with him, Peter decides to leave her when he gets a phone call from the hospital. Joslyn has been in a horrible accident and they are worried she will slip into a coma. He sits vigilant by her side, remembering how much he loves her and decides to stay. While she is unconscious, she has a dream where she is called Grandma Merit by Miw, her granddaughter and is invited to come to the Pharaoh Hatchepsut palace. Miw gets her ready and they go to the palace to find out that the dying Hatchepsut wants Merit to record her life story for fear of it being erased, slandered and the real truth would go untold. Merit sits the night and writes the story and in the morning she sends Miw to get the Pharaoh’s daughter. When the two girls return, the two old women are dead. Joslyn wakes up and her first concern is the scroll. She realized that it’s become her duty to make sure the world knows the truth from the scroll. Peter is enraged though he agrees to stay with her. Upon further attempts to decipher the scroll, all she hears in her head is the old Hatchepsut talking but she can’t translate that into English. She and her boss Sam decide to travel to Cairo to the university there to meet with Ali Yousef to help with the translation, further enraging Peter but he agrees to give Joslyn 10 days to finish with all the research and come back to him. Once there, Sam starts acting strange and in Ali’s office, Joslyn has an out of body experience where Hatchepsut spoke with the two men telling them ‘Merit’ will speak the scroll with them tomorrow. They translate the scroll which tells them where the Pharaoh is buried and they start to arrange for an excavation team. Joslyn insists on going home and argues with Sam but finally gets her way.

Sam and Ali along with an excavation crew and some students from the university all head out to the dig site and begin the excavation. On the first wall they uncover, the students come across a ‘curse’ that states, beware upon entry and anyone who steals from the tomb shall meet their doom. They are scared but encouraged to move on by Ali. Sam starts searching the chambers for something and swears as he looks around the statues in each chamber move or are watching him. Sam keeps hearing ‘Senunumunt, come to me’ as he searches. Finally he finds the hequ septor he is looking for. He believes it will make him Pharaoh of all Egypt, something that should have been his centuries ago. He pulls it from its place in stone and a nest of giant hornets attack him, cutting him open and inserting their poison and he is dead almost instantly. Hatchepsut laughs and reveals Sams death to Joslyn. She and Peter decide to go to Egypt to finish the excavation in Sam’s place. Ali is only civil to Joslyn and the same goes for her. One night, she is lead into the sand storm by an invisible force only to find out its Ali (who turns out to be Tuthmosis III-the nephew that assumed the throne after Hatchepsut) and he attacks her. From behind, Peter attempts to save her but Ali badly injures Peter and disappears. Joslyn is left to pull Peter into the tomb but she is too small and Peter is too heavy. She calls upon the gods for help and they shine their light down on her and give her the strength she needs to pull him in. Once inside, Anubis moves to Peter to help heal him. Thoth gave Joslyn the septor to draw Ali into the tomb so he can decide his fate. Joslyn leaves the tomb and Ali is waiting and pounces on her. He tells her that Merit was buried in a slave’s grave and that is why her spirit keeps coming back to earth instead of being in the palace of Osiris until her wrong has been righted. Then the septor shines a light to distract him and she is able to push him into the tomb where Thoth is waiting. He is taken to have his heart weighed and it is heavier than a feather so he is sent into a void for forever. Joslyn returns to Peter whom as he awaken realizes is Wosret, Merit’s beloved husband who died one month before their son married. She honored him by never remarrying because she loved him so much. He honored her by giving up his place in the palace with Osiris to keep returning to earth to be with her. As they end their trip and Joslyn gives her press conference to the Egyptian Press, she watches Peter who is looking on proudly. She rushes the questions so she can hurry off to be with him. On last scroll appears to her on the elevator with him telling her to enjoy each other.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this story. It was well written yet it could have been a little more descriptive when it came to the Egyptian things to portray their immaculate beauty. However, the story was great and the twist at the end with all three of the characters being from the past was a great idea. I really found it heartwarming that he loved her so much that he chose to keep coming back to be with her. That’s true love.

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