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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Review - Quest for Eternity by Annette Shelley

Title: Quest for Eternity

Author: Annette Shelley

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Buy Link: Buy Quest for Eternity Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Brynna


Daphne and Angel have recently escaped the authorities and have returned to the states, after Angel has killed several rare and endangered birds. They feel sure they're safe and make plans to return to Daphne's new home in Pittsburg, PA, where she plans to report for work at the National Aviary. The plan soon changes, however, when they realize that things are far worse than they ever imagined. They're being hunted by the FBI and must get out of the country again, and fast.

In a small suburb of Pittsburg, Angel's brother Benedicto is wiling away one of his nine lives masquerading as a housecat until he suddenly senses the presence of his brother who he had long assumed dead or lost to him forever. Now he must risk his own hide and identity to transform into a man and hunt for him and have the courage to reveal his true nature and identity to his one true love, Rachel.

What Angel and Benedicto soon discover is that the love of these women is the key that brought them together and they learn the nature of love can break the curse that's bound them for centuries.


On the run from Costa Rican authorities, Daphne and Angel escape to the U.S only to find they are wanted by the FBI for Angel's crimes. Ready to run again, Angel senses his brother Benedicto nearby. He insists he and Daphne try to convince him to seek out his brother Constantino in Brazil in order to break the curse which forces the three men to shift into cat form to maintain their strength.

Benedicto is content to while away his existence as his love, Rachel's, housecat Fluffy. Can Rachel accept his shapeshifting existence and will she be willing to leave her comfortable life behind to follow her love into the jungles of Brazil?

Another quick spicy story continues this series, picking up right where the first book left off. Rachel and Benedicto relationship comes on just a bit too quickly for this reader, but given the circumstances they are in, it's still plausible. Rachel has known Fluffy for years, but now she's virtually seeing him as a stranger. Yet she trusts him enough to take him as a lover and allow him to turn her. All in all, I'm interested to see how this series will end.

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