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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review – Born Again by Joel Dodd


Title: Born Again

Author: Joel Dodd

Publisher: Mundania Press

Buy Link: Buy Born Again Here!

Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewer: Nerine


Al's life has gone to the dogs. Memory blanks, nightmares, and a disturbing new appetite for small, furry animals. Not to mention his reclusive, nocturnally gothic frat brothers who never seem to attend lectures, and his deliciously-scented girlfriend and her pals.

Standing at the lamppost of the crossroads of his life, everything that is odd in Al's life comes together to unmuzzle his true, inner self and reveal who his true friends really are.


Al's got problems. He's not sleeping too well, he has heightened senses and he's been puking up bits of animal remains. At the insistence of one of his fellow students, he goes to see a psychiatrist who recommends him for a CAT scan, and that's when he starts discovering some very strange things about himself.

Born Again is a deliciously malicious short story that plays with the stock-standard university horrors we love to watch on late Friday evenings. Although I would have liked to have seen Al question his odd situation a bit more (it was abundantly clear to me, as a reader, what was going on) I enjoyed this tale very much. As a reader I would have liked to have experienced more of a sense of impending doom while Al tries to piece together his mysterious condition but overall Dodd is a strong storyteller who kept me engaged with the narrative.

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