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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review – Bradbury Inn by K.J. Dahlen

bradbury inn.jpg

Title: Bradbury Inn

Author: K J Dahlen

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

Buy Link: Buy Bradbury Inn Here!

Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewed by: Jennifer S.


Jillian Levy came to the Bradbury Inn to discover the truth. Rumors claim the Inn is haunted by the spirits of Claire and Matilda Bradbury and a man named George Walker after fire destroyed the Inn, eighty years ago. Shortly after she arrives the only other person who was at the Inn all those years ago returns. Matthew Nixen has returned to find his true love, Matilda. He feels finding her is the only way to break the curse the Inn is under. George used voodoo to protect the woman he loved and now they must use voodoo to get Jillian and Seth out of the Inn before Death comes to take the souls he was denied so long ago.


K.J. Dahlen can weave an intense story. A few pages into Bradbury Inn and I was already wondering what I had gotten myself into with her book. I wanted to see what would unfold and what the outcome would be. Jillian is brave to even buy the inn to begin with and then to discover it is truly haunted. Claire, Tilly and George are the ghosts in residence. They can't move on because George cursed them. Matthew comes because he knows he must find Tilly's burial spot. Matthew brings with him his grandson Seth, who doesn't believe anything that goes on in the house, until towards the end. I like that the friendship between Jillian and Seth grows slow and no romantic one is really portrayed in this book. The story line is sweet between Matthew and Tilly. That desire to find your one true love is so sweet to me. Then Claire finally discovers she loves George when he kisses her. The added story line after the four ghosts being taken by Death is very good and it was a good way to continue the story.

Overall, it was well worth reading and Ms. Dahlen really did a great job telling 2 stories within one book and keeping it all straight and moving forward and believable. I enjoyed reading this book.

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