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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review - Gypsy Crystal by Lorrie Unites-Struiff

gypsy crystal.jpg

Title : Gypsy Crystal

Author: Lorrie Unites-Struiff

Publisher: Eternal Press

Buy Link: Buy Gypsy Crystal Here!

Rating : You Want To Read

Reviewed By : Jodie Pierce

Blurb :

When a ritual killer starts terrorizing her town, FBI agent Matt Boulet is sent to lead the task force to catch the murderer. While Rita feels she has a connection with Agent Boulet, she senses he is holding back a deep dark secret about the killer. Her suspicions deepen when she learns another secret about her Roma family-one she finds impossible to swallow.

Review :

Gypsy girl, Rita Moldova is of Romanian descent. Her mother is old school, she reads tea leaves and palms. Rita has a secret gift. She wears an amulet that gives of signals of good and bad. It has allowed her in the past to see into the eyes of the dead people they recover. The new FBI Agent, Matt Boulet who's come into town from New Orleans has a secret gift too. He is searching for the same killer Rita's department has been looking for. The killer exsanguates all the blood from the victims, cuts a hole in their neck and dumps the bodies somewhere random. Rita is caught by the killer on a sting operation but when he samples her blood he calls her poison and dumps her out of his vehicle. Rita and Matt go to her mother for answers. Together, they find out that the killer is a long lost relative of Rita's and he is a vampire. Will they be able to stop Lucian before he can kill again? Who will lose their life in battling him? Will Matt and Rita not only come together at work but come together in the bedroom as well? What is Matt's secret?

The development of the characters in this story was great. The background on Rita was well developed and placed perfectly in the story. She was very likeable, strong yet innocent in a way. The lack of background for Matt made him more mysterious at first. He was the outsider. The mysterious knight in shining armor. The whole back story on Lucian was brilliant and well placed within the story. He was really so awful and you really got the sense of that from reading it. I really connected with the characters and when we lost one of them, I actually felt a brief sense of loss myself.

I found the story to be very interesting with a new twist on the old vampire story. It was written so well it was as if I was right there in the book with the characters. The chapters were short and kept you moving quickly through the book. I would definitely recommend this story to anyone who loves a little action, paranormal and suspense in their readings.

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  1. Hi Cassie,

    Thank you for the lovely review. I'm so happy you enjoyed the book.


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