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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review – Harley Afternoon Delight by Molly Diamond

Harley Afternoon.jpg

Title: Harley Afternoon Delight

Author: Molly Diamond

Publisher: Breathless Press

Buy Link: Buy Harley Afternoon Delight Here!

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


Sherman's next-door-neighbor, Carla, is driving him insane, and he wants her as his woman. Carla is beautiful, voluptuous, and her Italian heritage makes her twice as desirable. He's made every excuse he can to get close to her, but one day, as she's mowing grass, two guys in a pickup stop by. They ask for directions and hint at trouble. Sherman intercedes, but when Carla makes her appreciation obvious, is it because she only wants to thank him and is drawn to his kick-ass Harley Davidson-or is Carla really smitten with Sherman?


Carla and Sherman have been neighbors for months now. Yet neither of them has decided to make their move until one afternoon when some unsavory looking men come to bother Carla.

Harley Afternoon Delight is a hot read. Carla and Sherman are a cute couple. Sherman is a great guy and ready to stand toe to toe with anyone especially when Carla needs him. When he and Carla get together the sparks fly.

As well written as this book was I still had a hard time connecting with the characters. I would have loved to get to know Carla and Sherman a bit better and see more of their story. This one seemed a little rushed.

Even though this was not one of my favorite books Molly Diamond writes a hot story with great characters and I would love to read some more of her work.

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