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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review – Inside Sanctuary by Cyna Kade

Title: Inside Sanctuary

Author: Cyna Kade

Publisher: Ellora's cave

Buy Link: Buy Inside Sanctuary Here!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


Stephen has decided to return to Sanctuary before his libido rages out of control and somebody gets hurt. Then he sees Mary and they share a vision, which means she could be his mate. He's delighted. She's not. Mary just wants a ride to Sanctuary, not a ride on Stephen.

Once there, he is determined to find out what she's hiding. Why insist on visiting the most dominant sex enclave in the world if you're not ready to submit? Stephen pushes until Mary finally admits why she's denying her true nature-she is so powerful she burned out her last lover. She's fearful Stephen isn't strong enough to control her.

But Stephen was born for this…and for this woman. He's ready to show her just how far a truly dominant man can take her.


Stephen is ready to go back to Sanctuary. He can't fight his needs anymore. When he comes across a clan female demanding he take her to Sanctuary he finds that he may have just found his mate. Mary is hiding something and she wont let Stephen in, she can't risk it but she can't resist her attraction to him.

Once again we find ourselves in the world of Sanctuary. A world full of dominant men and willing females. Stephen is a strong man and willing to fight for his mates love. I loved that he not only was a very dominant man but he cares enough for Mary to show her his love. Mary is a woman who loves with all her heart but is scared of her one power. It was great to see the rest of the people at Sanctuary stand up and help Mary and Stephen. Showing that love can conquer fear.

Inside Sanctuary is a very intense read. Cyna Kade has developed a world with domineering men and submissive woman that some readers may be taken aback by the harshness of the sexual need and practices that are used in this series. I myself enjoyed this series and will be looking for more from this author in the future.

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