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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review – Needing Harte by Marilu Mann

Needing Harte.jpg

Title: Needing Harte

Author: Marilu Mann

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Buy Link: Buy Needing Harte Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


Part of the 1-800-DOM-help series.

Harte Donovan has a problem. A murder leads to him wanting a sexy stripper bound and naked in front of him. He can't let his secret desires ruin his career as a detective. But when he's given a mysterious business card, Harte discovers a side of himself he intends to fully embrace.

Ramey Nichols strips for a living and he's not willing to pretend to be something he's not. When this sexy submissive meets the closeted cop and unwitting Dom, something has got to give. That something might just be Ramey. Ramey knows what he wants, and more than that, finds himself Needing Harte.


Being a cop is hard enough for Harte add in being gay and all the complications it brings and you have a major disaster waiting to happen. So Harte plans on keeping his secret for as long as he can but fate has other plans for him.

On a routine investigation Harte meets dancer Ramey Nichols and falls quickly and deeply for the man. Do Harte and Ramey have a chance or will Harte's hiding what he is finish them before they have even begun?

Needing Harte is a great read about finding love when you least expect it. This story gripped me right from the start. Harte is a strong willed man but he is afraid of what will happen once he outs himself at his job. Ramey is a good man who loves with all his heart and will not hide from the world. The two compliment one another very well. Harte may be new to being a Dom but Ramey is ready and willing to help him learn. The trust and love that develops between them is a beautiful read.

Marilu Mann writes a wonderful story that takes you on an emotional roller coaster. Needing Harte is a well-written and fast paced story that should not be missed.

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  1. Hi Gabrielle,

    Thank you for the great review of Needing Harte! I'm half of the writing team of Marilu Mann and am thrilled that you enjoyed Ramey & Harte's story.




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