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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review: Outside Sanctuary by Cyna Kade

outside sanctuary.jpg

Title: Outside Sanctuary

Author: Cyna Kade

Publisher: Ellora's cave

Buy Link: Buy Outside Sanctuary Here!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


Stephen just needs a little time to himself. He's tired of sharing every emotion with everyone in Sanctuary. He longs for privacy so he leaves the clan enclave. When Stephen is attracted to a human woman who likes rough sex, he decides to ignore all the rules he's been taught.

Darla stands tied to a tree at an isolated campsite. She's always longed to explore her dark side with a strong, dominant man. Stephen is sexy as hell, but he's hard and controlling. She's starting to question her decision to meet him in this isolated spot. He might be more than she can handle.

Stephen knows it's dangerous, but really, this is something he does very well. What could be the harm in fulfilling Darla's BDSM fantasies? He just has to maintain control of his powerful sexuality-not go too far-and he can show her how a little pain can enhance her pleasure.


This story is book two in the Power and Pain series. Darla is a small town waitress who finds herself longing for rough sex and when Stephen shows up at her diner she thinks that she may have found just the man to satisfy her needs.

Outside Sanctuary is a fast paced and emotional read. Both Darla and Stephen are attracted to each other and what they can give to one another but is it enough? I loved seeing Darla enjoy herself and dare to move out of her comfort zone. Stephen is an honorable man that comes from another place and cares for Darla and her happiness. This was a very intense and hot read that has both Darla and Stephen taking a hard look at themselves and deciding where they want to go from there.

This book is well written and has characters full of emotion. It is a nice addition to this series and should be on your to be read list. I cannot wait to see what is in store for Stephen in the future and what new adventures he may have.

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