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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review - Queens of Merab: Nuriel’s Wolf by Violet Summers

Title: Queens of Merab: Nuriel's Wolf

Author: Violet Summers

Publisher: Changeling Press

Buy Link: Buy Queens of Merab: Nuriel's Wolf Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle


On the world of Merab, women rule, while men wield the magic. It's been an equitable system, until now. Nuriel had been so excited to join her foster sister, Temair, on her Tour of Emetra, the Elemental Continent. She never expected to get caught up in a violent rebellion as the men of Merab strike back against the women who have oppressed them. Captured and terrorized by one of the rebels, Nuriel retreated into herself, terrified of further abuse.

Now that Temair has found her four Consorts and ascended to the throne, Nuriel must begin her own journey, a journey that terrifies her. Ze'ev is just as wounded as Nuriel. Scarred by the loss of his sister and a year in chains, Ze'ev knows the Gladiator's Arena is the only route to freedom left for him. Victory means his life, but it also means marriage to the fragile Princess of Zirah.


The problem with a series is that the first book a reader picks up may not be the first book chronologically. Such is the case with me. This is the first book in this series I have read, and while I can tell there is an established setting with kingdoms and politics, I have no idea what they are and the book never explains. This makes a lot of what happens a bit hard to follow.

As to the characters, I really liked them. Ze'ev is strong and idealistic and holds himself to higher standard then his statues belies. Nuriel is a tentative counterweight, clearly afraid but wanting to feel free again. Both have been wounded and both want to heal, even if they find the prospect frightening.

The sex in this is plentiful. While they don't stretch far from the basics, those are done very well - and when if comes to carnal pursuits, good is better then often.

Overall, a very good story that could use just a smidgen more work.

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