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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review – Releasing Kate by Cyna Kade

Title: Releasing Kate

Author: Cyna Kade

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Buy Link: Buy Releasing Kate Here!

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


Kate Logan is unaware of her genetic imprint. All her life, she's suppressed the dark longings that haunt her. Twenty-first-century women should not want alpha males to protect or dominate them.

Michael Kyle immediately recognizes Kate as his mate. He can send violent sexual visions to her but she doesn't seem to understand what that means. She's unaware and untrained.

He's ready to show Kate that pain can liberate her pleasure. But first, he has to break through her resistance. She thinks her needs are wrong and fears her craving to submit to the sexual demands of this dominant man. Michael has to be patient-gradually increase her sexual pain to free her sexual pleasure and acceptance of her submissive heritage. If he rushes the process, or if he can't break through her barriers, she won't survive their mating.


When Michael finds Kate she has no idea about her heritage and nothing about being Clan at all but he recognizes Kate as his mate and must show her the world she comes from and the love that comes with it.

Releasing Kate is a very intense read. The people of the Clan heritage are Dominant men and submissive woman. These men and women enjoy this to the very extreme, which includes pain. Some readers may be offended by how far things go in this story so I would warn the faint of heart to be careful when deciding on whether or not to read this book.

Michael is a good man who fights for Kate with patience and love hoping to break past her barriers. Kate is a strong woman willing to give all of herself for love. The relationship that builds between Kate and Michael is a good read. Yet the amount of pain that is needed for Kate and Michael to connect was a bit much for me making it hard to enjoy Michael's seduction of Kate.

Cyna Kade writes a good story that pulls you right in and keeps you entertained to the end. If you enjoy your books on the edge this is one that you may enjoy.

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