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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review – Road Mage by Robert Roman

Title: Road Mage

Author: Robert Roman

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Buy Link: Buy Road Mage Here!

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed By: Janelle


Jason Rodriguez is a CSI with a checkered past, struggling to live an honest life on the side of the angels. Literally. Jason is more than just a CSI, he's also a Mage. His magical powers are put to the test when he discovers that Paul Dunn, the city's most decorated officer, is actually a psychopathic Death Mage, 'solving' crimes by framing others for the murders he commits. Jason can't let Paul keep getting away with it. Paul can't let Jason keep breathing knowing what he knows.


This doesn't feel like a story. It feels like an excerpt from something larger. There are a lot of words used as if the reader should know what they mean, even though they are never explained. Magic of some kind is used, but how it works and why some have it and some do not is wholly unclear.

The characters are rather bland, and without understanding of the magical forces at work, the action is rather confusing. While the blurb above does make the plot a bit more clear, it shouldn't. The blurb is not for explaining or a replacement for characterization, it is there to entice prospective readers. These things should be explained in the story itself.

Overall, this story could use some refinement.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to review my work, and thank you for the constructive, cogent feedback.


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