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Monday, December 13, 2010

Review - Sex Symbol by Tracy H. Kitts

sex symbol.jpg

Title: Sex Symbol

Author: Tracy H. Kitts

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Buy Link: Buy Sex Symbol Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


Lucy Harper always thought of herself as an ordinary woman, but she suddenly finds herself in extraordinary circumstances. Her sleepy hometown of Peace, Mississippi, turns out to be far from peaceful, what with shapeshifters, vampires and other departures from the "good ol' Southern boy" stereotype cropping up. Her best friends are all hiding devastating secrets. Her ex-boyfriend is suddenly interested in making up. Her sexy new boyfriend is not only the hottest guy she's ever met, he's got some pretty big secrets himself, including what he really is and what he does-besides providing the best sex she's ever had, that is.

And her new tattoo might be more than a picture of her favorite flower-according to the local werewolf pack, it's a "sex symbol". There may be a fight to the death over who gets to claim her as mate.


When her new neighbor moves in next-door Lucy finds her life thrown into chaos. Friends and enemies have all changed sides and Lucy must find out not only whom she can trust but also whom she can love. Will she trust her heart to Eramus when things go awry or has Lucy been hurt too much already but does she have the time to decide? With werewolves attacking at every side Lucy must quickly find herself and what she wants.

Sex Symbol is a great read that had me hooked right from the start. Lucy is a great woman. She takes what life has thrown at her and deals with it, always ready to fight and get back on her feet. Lucy cares for her friends and is willing to stand by their side no matter what happens. Her new neighbor Eramus turns out to be more than she thought. He is a great man who loves with all his heart and will die to protect Lucy. Watching the attraction grow between the two was a great read. The two make a great couple. Lucy is feisty enough to stand by her man until the end even to the death if necessary and Eramus understands her need to do so.

Not only do we get to meet Lucy and Eramus but we also get introduced to many other wonderful characters in this book. I adored Ozzy, Chase and Justina each one with their own secrets and problems to hide, yet no matter what happens the three friends stand together and by Lucy's side fighting with her.

Tracy H. Kitts weaves a wondrous tale full of love and magic. I would love to visit Lucy and her friends again maybe even find out more about Ozzy or Crazy Wolf. With endearing characters full of emotions and depth this is a book that should not be missed.

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