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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review – Synapses by Ashley Mann

Title: Synapses

Author: Ashley Mann

Publisher: Cerridwen Press

Buy Link: Buy Synapses Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Brynna


Mutation has a way of changing things.

Like who is watching you.

Joey Falcione doesn't look like a murderer. Sure, orphaned, homeless for years, she's learned to blend in at Chicago's tough Streeter High. But killing someone is not part of her plans for today. She won't be given a choice.

Like how you see yourself.

At Laureate Prep, Molly McGlone-cheerleader, semi-spoiled rich girl-seems too shallow to be a superhero. But when evil strikes someone she loves, the changes inside her suddenly make sense. If she can help someone now, shouldn't she?

Like what you fear.

Until the night his body betrays him, Nick Ingram is so focused on schoolwork that the rest of his life is a shadow. But now his destiny has changed to include danger, power and two very different girls. One of those girls will claim his heart from the very moment he sees her.

Mutation changes everything.

Even how you fall in love.


On the streets of Chicago, Illinois, three teenagers with different backgrounds and abilities are thrown into chaos by a dangerous power they can't comprehend. Molly, Nick and Joey must learn to control their newfound abilities without destroying each other or raising the suspicions of their classmates, administrators, families and more importantly the people out to get them.

Though it started off a little slow, Synapses became a page turner. At first I was a little lost while the author tried to keep up with each main character by following their very different lives. Molly is the sterotypical cheerleader who seems the least likely to be heroic. Yet, when those she loves are threatened she fights as hard as anyone. I enjoyed seeing the different facets of these character's personalities, both the ones the world sees and who they really are inside. I think this is a book YA readers will enjoy, though I did have some qualms about the book being sold on a site linked so closely to a clearly adults only book site. Synapses is still a you need to read.

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