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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review – Through Hell And High Water by Christle Gray

Title: Through Hell And High Water

Author: Christle Gray

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Buy Link: Buy Through Hell And High Water Here!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed By: Jennifer S.


What if your life is nothing but a spell full of lies…?

When Melaina attends her friend's Halloween party she never expects to be thrust into a surreal world. But she finds herself irresistibly drawn to a broad-shouldered stranger who somehow knows her name. When one of the guests disappears in flames, the sexy hunk whisks her away…and spins a fantastic tale.

Oren knows Melaina is a real-life water nymph under a faery's memory spell. Melaina is his soul mate and their betrothal restored power to the naiad people--until a demon decided he'd rather have Melaina for himself. Now, the demon has tracked her down and Oren must find a way to restore Melaina's memory before it is too late.

Melaina is astonished. Naiads? Faeries? Demons? But she can't ignore her attraction to Oren--or the way his touch is making her body remember things her brain can't...


I loved the plot to this book. It's a short read at around 60 pages. So it's one you can curl up and read in one sitting. It becomes instant gratification for reading.

The plot of the book is a water nymph, Melaina who has been under a memory spell, so she doesn't realize what she is. At the party she sees Oren and he instantly turns her on. She does not believe what Liliana and Oren are telling her. Even though she's not sure what's going on she desperately wants Oren and so they have wild sex and her memory comes flooding back. The three of them then defend themselves from the evil demon and of course win.

Overall, it's worth the time to read. It's fast paced and well written. It has enough information to pull you in but not an overwhelming amount of information. An epilogue might have been nice for this one. It also has a bit of excitement and good spiciness to it.

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