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Monday, January 3, 2011

Review – Christmas Collectables by Nancy Pirri, Jack Wear, Maranda Russell, Glenn Parkhurst, Anna James, SS Hampton, Sr., Ellen Margaret

Title: Christmas Collectibles

Author: Anna James

Publisher: Melange Books

Buy Link: Buy Christmas Collectibles Here!

Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewed By: Val


To Love a Music Master by Nancy Pirri:

Piano virtuoso, Jasper Hughes, once found his old student Annabelle Watkins undisciplined. Now she asks Hughes to teach her again. He reluctantly agrees, and finds himself falling in love with her, and she with him.

The Wizard of Mars by Jack Wear:

Party girl Elli was sent to Mars for work as a condition for her parents' financial assistance. Ryan wanted Elli badly and he decided he had to something special to claim her.

Coming to her Senses by Maranda Russell:

John has loved Kiri for years, but Kiri is too busy self-destructing to return that love. Can the magic of Christmas finally bring these two together for good, or will it end in heartbreak?

Charlie's Christmas by Glenn Parkhurst:

An electrifying change in Charlie sends him out to spread Christmas cheer throughout the city. His feverish activities take him to a place he had never encountered. What more can Christmas be than colored lights and gifts?

A Simple Christmas by Glen Parkhurst:

How difficult is it to maintain a decent neighborhood. Isn't there always one who spoils the scene with half-wit decorations and faded plastic ornaments? Where is the Christmas spirit in these people? Will Jerry ever live up to his neighbor's expectations?

A Picture Perfect Christmas by Anna James:

Trent Mackenzie is attracted Carly Monroe, an old friend. Will the Christmas holiday work it's magic and convince Carly that her feelings for Trent are real and lasting or will the doubt and betrayal of the past prevail?

Protolanguage, Cookie Dough, And Mistletoe by SS Hampton, Sr.:

Christmas is a time of good cheer and gift-giving. But sometimes the gift giving can be more important than anyone could imagine…

Wassail and the White Witch by Ellen Margret:

The festive Christmas traditions left Alex cold, but when a lady biker rode into his life on a Royal Enfield, things suddenly warmed up nicely.


To Love A Music Master by Nancy Pirri:

To love a Music Master was a story laced with humor and intrigue. I enjoy reading books from this period and was pleasantly entertained. Annabelle's character was lacking in confidence of her music skills but a sassy heroine, she certainly was. There was a scene with Milly which made me laugh. Fighting their attraction for one another, Annabelle and Jasper bring an element of sensuality to this book that had me bonding with the characters. The ending was perfect. An enjoyable fast read, I will be looking for more work by Nancy Pirri.

The Wizard of Mars by Jack Wear:

Elli was the proverbial spoiled little rich kid. Although there were some parts throughout the book where I didn't like Elli very much, I did enjoy watching her character grow as the story progressed. Throughout the book, it is evident that Jack Wear has done research on the elements of this book. I'm not a typical reader of anything to do with space, in fact, I try to avoid these types of books but Jack Wear writes in a way that interests me. I enjoyed reading The Wizard of Mars because the characters seemed very real. The ending was perfect.

Coming To Her Senses By Maranda Russell:

Kiri is a girl that is far from perfect, which makes her relatable. I was a little irritated at how Kiri kept on treating John but she redeemed herself in the end of the story. This was a fast paced, quick read that I enjoyed. I'm not familiar with Maranda Russell but because of this story alone, I will certainly be looking for other works she's done.

Charlie's Christmas by Glenn Parkhurst:

Having read A Simple Christmas right before I started reading Charlie's Christmas, I was really looking forward to the story. I was not disappointed. I love the story and how Charlie found the meaning of Christmas. My hat's off to Mr. Parkhurst for writing comical but real characters that have substance. This is an author that I will follow from now on.

A Simple Christmas by Glenn Parkhurst:

I thought this story was very touching. I couldn't help but think of how people are at this time of year and all that Jerry gave of himself to help others. Although this is a little bit different from other stories I have read, I feel that this book is a must read, for everyone and at any time of the year. I look forward to reading more of Mr. Parkhurst's work. If you are looking for a short story that is meaningful, this is your book.

A Picture Perfect Christmas by Anna James:

Trent MacKenzie was the kind of hero who brings a lot of sensuality to the story and the reader just can't help wanting to be the heroine. I thought the way Carly handled her circumstances was commendable and helped me to relate to the story even more. A Picture Perfect Christmas was a touching, uplifting romance that I just couldn't put down. Short enough to be read on a lunch break but with a strong sensual pull, I highly recommend A Perfect Christmas to any lover of romance. A delightful read.

Protolanguage, Cookie Dough, And Mistletoe by SS Hampton, Sr. :

Everyone always looks at Christmas through a child's eyes or through the parent's eyes but have we ever taken a moment to look through the eyes of a soldier? In this touching book, SS Hampton, Sr takes us through the memories of a soldier that almost breaks the reader's heart. Although unconventional the relationship between Tommy and Jenny is heartwarming.

Wassail and the White Witch by Ellen Margret:

Alex was not a person who even liked Christmas but the bonds he forms with Freda are very touching. I can't give away any of this story but I must say that the twist in the plot was terrific. I didn't see the ending coming and that was very refreshing. A lighthearted and quick book with a lot of sensuality always makes for a great read.

I enjoyed the variety of stories in this book and the different authors who shared their stories. There was such a vast difference in the types of stories that the reader couldn't possibly get bored. not Even though the title suggests that this is a Christmas book, I feel that everyone will love this book no matter what time of year it may be. Each story in this collection focuses on hope, love and little miracles. Christmas Collectibles is a book that you really need to read. I thought it was a wonderful touch to put the author's website with the story. I found many authors that I am now following.


  1. Congratulations on your excellent review. Keep up the good work.

  2. The review is wonderful, and "Christmas Collectibles" sounds like a great read. Congrats!


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