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Monday, January 3, 2011

Review – Cinderella Club By Mia Natasha

Title: Cinderella Club

Author: Mia Natasha

Publisher: eXcessica

Buy Link: Buy Cinderella Club Here!

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed By: Lupa


Twenty-eight-year-old Miller Smytheson has always had a secret aspiration: to experience rapacious intercourse through bondage play. She represses her fantasies and submits to the role of the good girl and responsible daughter to her father, William, by working with him at The Tiger's Eye, a gallery specializing in erotic art.

One day she meets dazzlingly handsome Brit Colin Duncan. But Colin has a secret. He is involved in an operation known as the Cinderella Club, a club true to its doctrines of obedience.

When tragedy strikes, Miller is unwittingly pulled into a world of bondage and submission. She learns a sexually charged version of the Cinderella tale and embarks on a journey that takes her to the deepest depths of her fantasy. Although she is sent to live with sexy Thomas Roslyn, a man with secrets of his own, another man seeks to claim her. Miller's adventure takes her from New York to London, France and Scotland.

Will she submit to a life with one beautiful man or another? And will she make the correct decision? Through sexual capture Miller seeks her True Master and attempts to ensnare her happily ever after in the process.


Immersed in a world beyond her wildest dreams, Miller is about to find out the delights and tortures of the flesh.

I have to say that I absolutely loved this story. The characters are well developed and endearing, the story flows well and takes readers through the adventure Miller faces after the death of her father and her world turns upside down.

My favorite character in the book is definitely Miller. She is such a normal, vanilla seeming woman who is tossed into the world of Total submission. Watching her life, and her perspective change during the rollercoaster ride of Cinderella Club is endearing and at times heart wrenching.

Again I love this story. It is vividly detailed with a sweet ending that wraps up all the loose ends and brings light to all the shadows. This is my favorite read of the year and a total must read for anyone curious about the BDSM life. Filled with lots of hot, steamy erotic scenes be ready to need a cold shower… Or three.

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  1. I appreciate your kind words. Thanks for the review and thanks for reading Cinderella Club.


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