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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review – Faerie Bound by Jenna Castille

Title: Faerie Bound

Author: Jenna Castille

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Buy Link: Buy Faerie Bound Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


Garrick has spent the better part of his life making his Las Vegas lupin pack the strongest of all the post-war human-born paranormal groups. Now he wants something for himself-a mate. But how will his pack respond if they discover their Alpha is a closeted sexual submissive?

Not the typical faerie prince, Faolan is disobedient, lives in exile and has more piercings than a punk band. He's also a sexual dominant longing for someone to call his own.

What are a lovelorn faerie and wolf to do? Turn to a paranormal dating service, of course. When Divine Intervention pairs Garrick and Faolan, it's a match made in BDSM heaven, the resulting explosion a conflagration of passion the likes of which neither has ever known. Of course, the reactions to a wolf/faerie union are just as heated…


Garrick may be the Alpha of his pack but he longs to be mastered himself. After another unfulfilling night of sex Garrick finds himself consulting a dating service dedicated to matching paranormals. His match turns out to be one of the enemy: a faerie. When Garrick meats Faolan he falls for the man quickly but can their bond overcome all the obstacles that are thrown at them?

I was pulled in to the world of Garrick and Faolan right from the start. I don't know who I liked more Faolan or Garrick. They are both strong men who are willing to fight for what they want. Garrick is a great alpha but he has needs and he finally decides to embrace his submissive side with Faolan. The bond that grows between these two men was a great read. Faolan is a good Dom always aware of his sub and always wanting to show his love. The two make a great couple standing and fighting for and at each other's side no matter what.

In Faerie bound Jenna Castille weaves a wondrous story full of love and emotions. I enjoyed immersing myself in her world of paranormals. I loved not only the two main characters but also the secondary characters and cannot wait to see if Aindreas will get his own story. This book was a very enjoyable read and should not be missed.

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