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Monday, January 3, 2011

Review – Flight Of Little Dove by Ruth Zavitsanos

Title : Flight of Little Dove

Author: Ruth Zavitsanos

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

Buy Link: Buy Flight Of Little Dove Here!

Rating : You Want to Read

Reviewed By : Jennifer S.

Blurb :

At age 12, Emma Davis loses her loving family when her father is killed in a farming accident. After her mother dies, a friendly Indian tribe take her in, raising her as their own, they name her Little Dove. A decade later, the chief insists she marry his son, a brave she considers to be her brother. Escaping before her tribal ceremony, Little Dove comes across a stagecoach that has been attacked. All appear to be dead. After discovering a journal, she takes on Margaret Bridal-son's past, present and future as described in the journal. She is nearly taken off course by a handsome and kind trail guide, Seb Bradford. Resistance must prevail when they discover Mar-garet's betrothed is Seb's father. Will her new beginnings bring her happiness or will she lose everything including the man she loves and a life she has yearned to live?

Review :

Flight of Little Dove is a historical fiction story. Emma escapes the Indian tribe and pretends to be someone else in order to find a place to live. Seb helps her out and manages to discover she is not you she is. Emma and Seb love in love and have to overcome great obstacles and fix some problems for Seb's family. Ms. Zavitsanos is a good story teller and she manages to keep me turning pages just to discover the ending. Her characters are in depth and strong.

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