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Monday, January 3, 2011

Review – The Last Watcher by Misty Burke

Title : The Last Watcher

Author: Misty Burke

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Buy Link: Buy The Last Watcher Here!

Rating : You Need to Read

Reviewed By : Jennifer S.

Blurb :

Sarah Thompson knows what it's like to have a midlife crisis at twenty nine. She has spent the last several years running her own yoga studio and trying to survive being single in a small gossipy town. And if that were not enough, she decides it is the perfect time to go back to school. So you see, Sarah's world was already spinning when she learns that her hunky professor has teeth … as in Vampire teeth!

This undead hero, aka Charles Underwood, introduces her to a fantastic world filled with good and evil. It is a world where Sarah learns that she is a Watcher. Her birthmark foretells a prophecy that throws her into the middle of a magical conflict where battle lines have already been drawn. Does Sarah trust this new found hero or is she just a pawn in his plans to win the war?

Review :

I feel like Misty Burke does a great job telling an in depth story in a short amount of pages. I really enjoyed this story. It's an action packed story from start to finish. Charles is the hot vampire that needs to protect Sarah. Sarah is a watcher though, but she hasn't realized her powers yet. She turns out to be a strong woman who uses her powers to protect the one she loves, Charles. Henry and his wife Judy are my two favorite characters. Ms. Burke combines so many pieces of the paranormal- werewolves, vampires, dwarves, demons, and such. Having all of them in one story makes for a great read. The story is filled with hot scenes between Charles and Sarah. The story ends with a battle between good and evil.

Overall, it was a great read. The characters were well written and the story kept me wanting more and wanting to know the end. I love when the vampire is a good guy. If you like paranormal books this one is worth picking up and reading.

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