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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review – Playing Wolf by Mina Carter

Title: Playing Wolf

Author: Mina Carter

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Buy Link: Buy Playing Wolf Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


Book Two of The Phoenix Prophecy

Twin wolves Ryder and Jayce share everything. Their job, their cars, their women. There's many a woman happy to spend a night or weekend of passion with a couple of handsome bad-boy bounty hunters. But there's one woman they won't touch ... the woman who sets them on fire like no other.

When Caitlin crashes through the doors of Honey's bar she sets off a chain reaction that has the twins facing their mother's death, their long lost father and their deepest desires.

Life will never be the same again, if they survive.


Ryder and Jace have been ostracized since they can remember. When a female wolf from their past shows up looking for them they feel that they must turn her away before they sully her. Caitlin has always loved both brothers but Ryder and Jace think she is too pure for the likes of them. When the three are thrown together they must rely on each other to keep them safe. Playing Wolf is a wonderful installment in this series. Each of Ancelin's sons are something to behold and the twins are magnificent. They are great warriors who love a woman with all their hearts and want to do what is best for her. Caitlin is a strong willed and smart woman who is willing to fight for those that she cares for. The love that the three share for each other shines brightly right from the start of the story. They show that no matter what they will always be able to count on one another when they need help.

Mina Carter weaves a wondrous story full of magic and romance. With characters full of depth and emotion this is a story that should not be missed. The Phoenix Prophecy is a great series that includes many wonderful writers, each making it a magical story that pulls you in and has you wanting more.

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