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Monday, January 3, 2011

Review – Redeeming Vows by Catherine Bybee

Redeeming Vows.jpg

Title : Redeeming Vows

Author: Catherine Bybee

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Buy Link: Buy Redeeming Vows Here!

Rating : You Need to Read

Reviewed By : Jennifer S.

Blurb :

Book Three of the MacCoinnich Time Travel Trilogy

For her own safety, modern day, single mom, Lizzy McAllister is forced to bow to the medieval men who surround her when she's thrust back in time to the sixteenth century against her will. When Lizzie finds herself trapped in time with Fin, the one man she finds both irresistible and maddening, she agrees to combine forces with him to rid Scotland of the evil witch, Grainna.

Finlay MacCoinnich's attraction to Lizzie sizzles the very air they breathe. Tearing down the solid walls the woman has built around her won't be easy, but he's willing to do anything to keep her by his side. When a spell cast by their deadliest foe throws them forward in time, will they manage to find their way back in time to save their family from peril? And will Lizzy willingly stay in his time, or abandon him altogether?

Review :

The first thing I will say is that if you can I would read the first two books in this trilogy first. I think it would make reading Redeeming Vows better. With that said though, you can read this one on it's own and it's well worth reading. It's a great book.

The characters are full, strong characters. The story line of time travel and druids is complete and well written. It's an intense, dark at times, suspenseful, romantic and hot book at times. What more could a reader want, really? Grainna is a nasty and evil witch. You can almost feel the evil coming through the book when you read some of the things she does. Liz and Fin finally decide they will be together forever in this book, and some of the moments between them are so steamy, I think my computer was overheating. The MacCoinnich family is a close knit family and you always got the feeling they would look out for their own.

Magic and druids play a huge part in this trilogy, but it was portrayed in the way of being good and then that one person turns it bad for their own gains.

Overall, it was a great read, and I enjoyed curling up with my computer to get my first taste of the MacCoinnich family and I look forward to going back and reading the other two in this trilogy. Ms. Bybee wrote a wonderful story.

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