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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review – All The Right Moves by Tory Richards

all the right moves.jpg

Title: All The Right Moves

Author: Tory Richards

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Buy Link: Buy All The Right Moves Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Mickey


After discovering one of her patients dead in her office, Doctor Annie McCall finds herself on the run for her life. Detective Marshall Thomas isn't afraid to break the rules and offers her refuge. The only problem is who'll protect Annie from him?

Marshall hadn't counted on his primary suspect creating such a dilemma in his life. But once he discovers someone wants her dead, he is determined to keep his mind on the job in order to find the killer and to keep her safe.

As they struggle to stay one step ahead of the killer, their attraction for each other spirals out of control. And soon the only danger Annie's facing is the heat between them.


A well-written who-dun-it is always fun to read, and All the Right Moves certainly has all the right ingredients to make it a good story. Ms. Richards starts with an interesting and clever lead-in that invites the reader to both step into the characters' lives and a possible crime. The fortunate part is that both scenes are well-written with an attention to detail: she has a nice way of painting the scene that brings each part to life, very visual, graphic and colorful.

Added to the suspense and mystery is the humor and quick dialogue. I liked the interaction between the main characters, the constant repartee was highly entertaining, helpful as most of the novel was spent with just the two of them hiding out. When not talking, Ms. Richards did find other activities to fill their time, and she certainly knows how to describe hot and heavy love scenes in detail when writing about those other "activities." As an added bonus were a number of quirky and charming secondary characters to help progress the story along. Fortunately, All The Right Moves is a nice choice to help keep you entertained and happy for a couple of carefree hours.

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  1. Thank you so much for a great review, Mindy! You've made my day. I'm thrilled you enjoyed All the Right Moves.



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