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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Review: Closure by Rie McGaha

Title: Closure

Author: Rie McGaha

Publisher: Champagne Publishing

Buy Link: Buy Closure Here

Reviewed by: Val

Rating: You Gotta Read


High in the hills above Albuquerque, New Mexico Detective Zachariah Ellison arrives at the scene of a murder, and not just any murder, but one that definitely falls into the 'gruesome' category even for a seasoned cop like Zach. When another body is found murdered in much the same fashion, Zach knows he’s got a serial killer on his hands, and to top it off he’s got an assistant district attorney hounding him about the case. As Zach tries to investigate the crimes while sidestepping nosey Amy Logan, a third body is found and Zach hasn’t a clue as to whom the perpetrator might be. Amy Logan has worked hard to put herself through school and pay for law school on her own and now that she’s secured a position as assistant district attorney in Albuquerque, she’s determined to do everything she can to be the best prosecutor this office has ever seen. And as if luck was following her, she’s been assigned to the biggest homicide case the city has ever seen. The only problem she’s having is the homicide detective who’s leading the investigation—Zach Ellison.


I loved how this book opened with a Phil Collins song. I found myself liking the book before I even got started on chapter one. Now on to the characters. Zach's character was everything I look for in a hero. Of course he's a hottie, that's always a given but he is also a wounded man with a past he's trying to get over. Stacie's death hit him hard. My heart hurt for him when he would try to sleep just a little longer to spend more time with her. Amy's character was a woman who was blunt and to the point. Passionate about her job, she finds herself wanting to be just as passionate with Zach. The attraction between Zach and Amy was immediate and electrifying. For both, they fell fast for each other and boy did it get hot and steamy.

The plot was spectacular with a twist that you will never see coming. I enjoyed the vivid crime scene portrayal. Ms. McGaha paid particular attention to details and it really paid off. I must warn anybody thinking out reading Closure, if you are squeamish in the least, this may not be the book for you. However, for a crime novel fan, this is the perfect book for you. One thing that was a little bit different about this book was that at times, it was narrated by the killer. This was an exceptional addition to the book and made it a stimulating read that I didn't want to put down.

Ms. McGaha has written a book that has just hit my favorites list. I found myself laughing at the funny moments and then gasping in disbelief or horror at the crime scenes. Closure was a very well paced book that really pulls the reader in and holds their attention. With a gripping plot line and very real characters, Closure is not a book you want to miss.


  1. Thank you so much for your review of Closure. I love it when a reviewer "gets" me and my work.

    Rie McGaha

  2. This was an outstanding piece of work!


  3. Great review, Val, and sounds like a must read. Thanks for sharing.


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