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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review – Dangerous Curves by Cherie De Sues

Title: Dangerous Curves

Author: Cherie De Sues

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing LLC

Buy Link: Buy Dangerous Curves Here!

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Mickey


Selena Russo has won the coveted spot as a full-figured spokesmodel for the Rubenesque Romantix clothing line in Paris. When Selena starts getting hate mail, she ignores the warnings-models aren't known for their congeniality when they lose a big modeling gig. Especially a three-year, multimillion-dollar contract in the biggest ad campaign ever for curvy women.

Logan's a recent ex-Navy SEAL with a war injury, and his ex CO asks him to protect Selena while assuming the role of her photographer. When the death threats heat up with a dead pooch and bullets flying, Logan focuses hard on the sensual, violet-eyed beauty. It's Logan's pleasure to cover the body of a seductive, curvy, temptress, both in and out of the bedroom as their romance burns up the sheets.


Bravo to Cherie De Sues for featuring a full figured model as the heroine of her novel Dangerous Curves! Not only does it give readers a different perspective, but it also changes the typical dynamic and makes her novel that much more entertaining, not that the plot needs any additional twists to make it any more exciting. Selena and Logan ignite the pages with their romance as they travel from country to country dodging assassins, while discovering their feelings for each other. Ms. De Sues manages to maintain a nice balance between the action and the romance, adding a touch of mystery and intrigue while keeping us guessing at the true villain, never providing the answer until the very end the book.

It takes a talented author to juggle so many elements in one story, yet Ms. De Sues is able to keep the romance as the primary focus of the story and still have her readers happy from page to page. From their initial meeting, Selena and Logan have an obvious connection that deepens and grows, one that the author illustrates with a number of extremely sensual love scenes. Also adding to our enjoyment are quite a few appealing secondary characters who manage to enliven an already lively plot with their quick and witty dialogue. Everything in Dangerous Curves combines to make this a fun and entertaining novel that I enjoyed from the first page to the last. Would I recommend this book, without a doubt as it was destined for my keeper shelf from the first paragraph.

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  1. Thank you Mickey, I'm so pleased you enjoyed, "Dangerous Curves". This novel was so fabulous to write and has been well-received by readers and reviewers. I appreciate the kind words and the review very much Mickey.


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